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Events, Exhibitions

Currently underway:

  • Every Wednesday morning the watercolor lesson takes place in a class of ladies, at Fortunella in Kingston Upon Thames


 Through watercolor paths – Paintings exhibition Kingston Museum: 23 Sptember/10 November 2016 ( This exhibition has been extended until 12th January, 2017)

Visual Arts Charity Exhibition from 27th November to 31 December,2016


Art Workshops for children at the Kingston Museum – 19th November 2016

New painting course for adults in the center of Kingston for 6 weeks – start 7th November

Art Workshop for children, August/September 2016

Event Berrylands Summer Festival 2016

Painting for children 25th June, 2016 

Art Workshops at Kingston Museum 18th June, 2016

Artworkshops June 2016

Art workshops for children, June 2016

Art workshop for children 05th March, 2016

Art workshop for children February 2016

Art workshop for children december 2015

Creative Art for children 2015

My creativity lessons for children 2015

Artworkshop for children 2015

Four Art workshops for children 2015

Italian Art and Food Promotion 2015

Italian British Association 2015

Clara Fruggeri live performance 2015

Surbiton Festival, UK 2015


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