Guests of seagrass – Gli ospiti delle praterie marine

Guests of seagrass, Gli ospiti delle praterie marine, Watercolor, Seascape, Clara Fruggeri, London
Guests of seagrass – Clara Fruggeri

Watercolor on Cass Art  smooth paper – 300gsm
original, signed, unframed
30×42 cm

Acquerello su carta liscia Cass Art – 300gsm
originale, firmato, senza cornice
30×42 cm

£80,00 Pound (CONVERTER) + postage and packing (For Europe and UK:  £15,00; For Word Zone 1 and Word Zone 2 £18,00). Check HERE to verify if the  UK Postal Service offers a delivery service in your area and  which area you fall under – info: HERE


As well as numerous guests move through the seaweeds, the words inhabit the cerebral sea assembled by the powerful current of thought.

Così come numerosi ospiti si muovono tra le alghe marine, le parole popolano il mare celebrale assemblate dalle correnti vigorose del pensiero.

Clara Fruggeri


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