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Italian British Association (I.B.A.) is a no profit organization founded in London by Italian mums and friends Maria Iacuzio, Alessandra Reali and Simona Di Caro with the purpose to promot Italian language, culture, art, networking and social events. .The president of I.B.A. is Maria Iacuzio.
Thank you to Maria Iacuzio I had the possibility to partecipate to some events organized by her as an artist and art teacher just a few months after my arrival in England. Between an event and the other I support the Association giving my contribution as a volunteer graphic designer take care about preparing the information materials to be printed and spread in network.

Some events organized by I.B.A. of last years:

Art workshop for children – Interpreting the four season of the trees through the use of painting – 05th December, 2015

Art workshop for children – Interpreting the decoration of the windows at Kingston Museum and History Centre – 28th November, 2015

–  Art workshop for children – A mosaic lesson for children at Kingston Museum and History Centre – 21th November, 2015

Art workshop for children – Interpreting the various forms of hats through the mosaic at Kingston Museum and History Centre – 14th November, 2015

Event for bilingual children with the Deputy Mayor of Kingston Upon Thames – 07th November, 2015

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Promoting Italian Art and Food at Surbiton Festival – 26th September, 2015

nuovo-3  Surbiton Festival 2015

 – Italian artist display at Surbiton Festival in Ravens Ait Island with the Deputy Mayor of Kingston Upon Thames – 20th September, 2015

Italian Artists of Italian British Association   1a Clara Fruggeri artist  Clara Fruggeri artist

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